Perfect French Fries

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I think most people will agree that McDonald's has some of the best French fries. But how do they do it? The secret is now reveled!! The Perfect French Fries, involve 5 steps of preparation. Cut, boil, fry, freeze, then re-fry again. It is a very involved process, but at one time you can prepare enough potatoes for 3 to 4 batches of french fries. (One batch equals 2 portions of fries). The processed potatoes are stored in the freezer and they are really convent to fry when desired. While the cooking time is only 4-6 minutes, the prep time is 1 hour. Again once the potatoes are prepared and frozen you will need about 4-5 minutes for the oil to heat, then 4-6 minutes to cook.


Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
Servings 8


5-6 potatoes Peeled and cut
2-3 Tb. Vinagar
1 liter Oil Your choice, I prefer peanut or sunflower oil
A touch Salt

Perfect French Fries


  1. Peel and cut the potatoes. Think McDonald’s French fries, long thin strips. I eliminate the corners and rounded side pieces so that all my cuts are squared and of even length.
  2. Heat 2 quarts of water, and 2 Tb. of vinegar to 170*F. Blanch the potato strips for 15 minutes. In other words, bath the cut potatoes in the 170*F water for 15 minutes. The trick here is to maintain a water temp of 170*F. This is a temperature below boiling and will require turning the gas on the off, back and forth for 15 minutes. You do not want to boil the potatoes.
  3. Remove, drain and dry the potatoes.
  4.  Fry the dried pre-boiled potatoes for 60 seconds (only 1 minute) at a temperature of 360*F. Then pat dry and freeze.
  5. The final step! Heat 1 liter of oil in a pot to a temperature of 375*F. Remove the processed potatoes from the freezer and fry for 4 to 6 minutes.

Chefs Secrets

 Remember there is a proportion between the amount of oil and the amount of fries you can cook. If you start with 1 liter of oil and then put, say 3 or 4 portions of fries in to cook, this will cool the oil to a point and it will take a long time to cook. With 1 liter of oil, you will only be able to fry 2 portions of fries, that is about 1-1/2 potatoes at a time. To cook more fries at one time you will need more oil.