Yug Vegetariano

If you´re vegetarian and have, or will be traveling to Mexico or other Latin countries, you´ll quickly realize that the diets of these cultures are heavily meat-based.  In Mexico City, while searching for vegetarian restaurants you will undoubtedly discover Yug Vegetariano.

A Vegetarian In A Steakhouse

A Vegetarian In A Steakhouse? You are probably wondering why a vegetarian or vegan would even consider going to a steakhouse. There are many reasons a vegetarian might end up in a steakhouse, one is that you may be going out to dinner with friends or family that don’t share your enthusiasm for eating a  plant-based diet , but for us, the real reason we choose to eat in a steak house are the Delicious Baked Potatoes. 

A Weakness For Something Fried!

Going vegetarian doesn’t need to be difficult. I went vegetarian over twelve years ago and not once did I have a  craving for meat. That´s pretty incredible since in the past I was called by my friends,¨Captain BBQ¨ and ¨King Carnivore¨ The only craving I felt was for something fried, like french fries or onion rings.  A Weakness For Something Fried!, hot, and a little bit greasy.

Emilia Ristorante

Emilia Ristorante is hands down the best Italian restaurant in Querétaro. With its history, ambiance, and cuisine coming straight from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, an area considered by many to be the heart of Northern Italian food.

BRUNO Cucina

The newest Italian restaurant in Querétaro Bruno Cocinia, which opened in October of 2015, has become our new favorite. First I have to say that I love Mexican food, and living in Mexico we eat Mexican food almost daily, so when when we go out to eat, we eat Italian.

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