Home Fried Potatoes, the Best Hash Browns

Home Fried Potatoes, the Best Hash Browns

Who doesn’t like fried potatoes for breakfast, but have you every tried to make hash browns? I have followed so many recipes that claim to be “The Best Hash Browns Ever”, but I always end up with a fried pancake of greasy, grated potatoes. I say the Best Hash Browns are not Hash Browns, but actually Home Fried Potatoes. Home Fried Potatoes require less oil so they are heather, and the can be seasoned as well, thereby they are tastier. Here is the recipe that I have perfected. 

We love potatoes and eat them almost everyday. Living in Cusco, Peru, for 5 years, I became a potato expert. Today when I am in the store picking potatoes, I am just as selective with my potatoes as I am when picking tomatoes, avocados or oranges. Potatoes are a very complex creature and tend to absorb oil like a sponge. This is the main reason that hash browns are so difficult to make. The other reason potatoes tend to absorb oil is because they are typically fried at too low of a temperature. 350*F to 370*F seems to be the magic number for fried potatoes.

I have actually posted several fried potato recipes including; Perfect French Fries, and Garlic Roasted Potatoes  but this Home Fried Potatoes recipe is actually the easiest of all.

3 Easy Steps

In 3 easy steps you can have the best Home Fried Potatoes you can imagine. You will first need to precook/boil the potatoes. For a healthy choice these boiled potatoes can be eaten as is, or with a touch of salt, ketchup or mayo. You can also make mashed potatoes. For the home fries, you will need to save them until the next day to fry for breakfast.

Make the Home Fried Potatoes   

  1. Peel, cube, and boil the potatoes in water with about 1-2 Tb. of vinegar and a pinch of baking soda until cooked.    

  2. Add the oil of your choice to a skillet and heat. Fry for 5 to 6-7 minutes before turning. You should only have to turn these potatoes 3 times in the 15 minutes that they need to fry.

  3.Transfer fried potatoes to a plate and season with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and an herb, I like fresh or dried chives, or fresh or dried parsley, but   dried Italian seasoning also works. Toss well and serve.

 Enjoy some of the best fried potatoes ever. 

The “Secret” is step 3, season the potatoes after they have been cooked. If you season the potatoes while they are cooking, the delicate seasonings like the herbs will burn.