Muerte A La Pizza Falsa

Pizza is Americas favorite food. The first pizza was created in Naples, Italy in the year 1889. Called the Margherita in honor of the first Italian queen, this ¨first pizza¨ remained isolated in Naples for over fifty years until the 1940´s during WW2 when American soldiers discovered it and began requesting it. Meanwhile, in 1905, Italian immigrants in New York City opened Americas first pizzeria (Lombardi’s). In other words, though not ¨born¨ in the USA, pizza was given life in the USA, and then, from New York City, pizza began spreading back out to the rest of the world.

Digital Infrared Laser Thermometer

Kitchen Gadgets, Why So Many?

Kitchen Gadgets, Why So Many?    

 I remember exploring the kitchen as a kid, opening different drawers and cupboards and discovering the world that belonged to my mother. One drawer in particular stood out. That drawer was  packed full of wooden and metal spoons, strange knives, rolling pins and a crazy assortment of handheld gadgets some of them looking like bizarre torture implements. The kitchen tools I discovered in that drawer over 40 years ago are dwarfed by the amount of gadgets available to consumers today. But are they all really necessary? Will you be a better cook owning them?

Vegan Planet

Veganism, the top food trend for 2016, is going mainstream and, as with any trend, many will try to capitalize without embracing the trends core values. Vegan Plant, the new vegan restaurant in Mexico City, is an exception. Miguel Bautista, co-founder and Executive Chef, has been vegetarian for over 30 years and vegan for 11 years, and is dedicated to spreading the vegan philosophy through his spectacular food.

Yug Vegetariano

If you´re vegetarian and have, or will be traveling to Mexico or other Latin countries, you´ll quickly realize that the diets of these cultures are heavily meat-based.  In Mexico City, while searching for vegetarian restaurants you will undoubtedly discover Yug Vegetariano.

A Vegetarian In A Steakhouse

A Vegetarian In A Steakhouse? You are probably wondering why a vegetarian or vegan would even consider going to a steakhouse. There are many reasons a vegetarian might end up in a steakhouse, one is that you may be going out to dinner with friends or family that don’t share your enthusiasm for eating a  plant-based diet , but for us, the real reason we choose to eat in a steak house are the Delicious Baked Potatoes. 

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