Homemade Vegetable Broth

Got Veggie Broth?

When was the last time you made Vegetable Broth? That´s what I thought. And how about canned or boxed broth on the shelf? Strike two. Got Veggie Broth? I didn’t think so! Broth is a key ingredient not just in Mexican food, but in so many recipes including soups, sauces, and rice dishes that I would find it impossible not to have at least one bottle in the fridge. Why settle for bouillon cubes when you can have homemade broth where you can be certain of all the ingredients? 

Yug Vegetariano

If you´re vegetarian and have, or will be traveling to Mexico or other Latin countries, you´ll quickly realize that the diets of these cultures are heavily meat-based.  In Mexico City, while searching for vegetarian restaurants you will undoubtedly discover Yug Vegetariano.

Cooking the Tortillas, Tortillas Hecha a Mano

Hey man, where can I buy some tortillas?

What do you mean “Hey man, where can I buy some tortillas?” you live in Mexico, don’t you? Yes, but the question still remains.  Even though tortillas are sold on almost every street corner, the truth is, not all tortillas are created equal. A little history is needed.